Hitting the ice in the Comox Valley

Sure, summer is great – especially in the Comox Valley, with plenty of awesome hiking, biking, swimming and golf. After all, it’s important to get in some cross-training during the off-season. But, really, is there anything better than slipping into the old gear and hitting...

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Will an open house help sell your home? You bet it will – and possibly even for more $$ than you would have received otherwise!


Many sellers, and even some Realtors in the Comox Valley think open houses are a waste of time. I strongly disagree. The more exposure your home gets, the more likely it is to sell....

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Are you ready to get your home listed?

If you are preparing to join the Comox Valley real estate market, this article is for you.


So, you’ve decided to sell your home. Excellent! It’s the start of an exciting process.


And now that you’ve made your decision to test the market, here are some...

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Spring is here so it's time to get on the water

Nothing like kicking back and enjoying a cold one after a lovely day on the water. Yes, I realize it’s been a bit of a cool and wet start to spring, but next thing you know it’s going to warm and actually spring like out. And really, it’s never too early to...

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